5 Things I Wish I knew Before Buying A Tesla Model Y

# 1- The Price. When Tesla came out with its first mid-priced SUV, I was super excited. However, the price is always something you know before buying the car, so let me explain. The car starts at around 40,000 dollars. That is a base model, without an extended battery range, and white exterior color. I needed an extended range, I also wanted nicer wheels and a white interior. The autopilot was an extra 8,000 dollars, so I decided to go without it. All said and done, this car cost me 53,000 dollars, which is a little different from the 37,000 dollar mark tesla claims. Of course, I could have paid closer to that had I gotten a standard battery, but I live in a cold climate as well as do a lot of driving.

#2-The look. The Model Y looks like they raised the roof of the Model 3 sedan, making the Y look like an egg. I was so eager to get a cool SUV for a half-decent price, I didn't really consider that.

#3-The Interior. While Tesla is known for looking like spaceships on the inside, I was not too pleased. While the infotainment system had some cool features, the rest of the car was bland and far from luxurious. For the price I paid, I could have gotten a Mercedes GLC with much more luxurious components, a cooler presence on the road, as well as a lower price.

Because I didn't purchase my car with a back row, or autopilot, a GLC would have been a potentially wiser decision.

#4-Lack Of door handles. As many are aware, Tesla is not a fan of physical buttons or clunky handles. This is both cool and problematic. I'm all for sleek looks, but every time someone tries to exit my car, they immediately go for the emergency handle that you're only supposed to use if the battery died. This has the potential of damaging the window alignment. So, when someone gets out of my car, I have to tell them how to open the door every.single.time.

#5- Autopilot. I reluctantly wish I had purchased my car with auto-pilot features. This comes with so many cool features that separate your car from others. Even though it would have been an extra 8,000 dollars, I think it would have been money well spent. I think that without auto-pilot, you really can't experience the whole point of buying a Tesla.

All in all, the Model Y is a fine car, but I should have spent the money on a different car brand, or model 3 with autopilot because my model Y really is just a bigger, uglier model 3.




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