The Tesla Refresh We’ve All Been Waiting For…

New interior

After 10 years of the Tesla Model S getting virtually no updates whatsoever, it was time for a redo. The interior of the car has seen a complete revision, with a new main infotainment screen, speedometer, rear center console screen, and the most controversial thing of all…a steering wheel that looks like someone messed up on their job in the assembly line, which led to the non-existent top half. However, if we’ve learned anything about these big tech companies, crazy is how they roll.

The Screen. Seventeen inches of pure beauty, they have essentially turned your infotainment screen into a gaming computer. Taking certain elements from the model Y and 3, it does, however, lack a certain sense of originality. Therefore, it raises the question of whether it’s an improvement or a budget cut.

The rear seating is more of an oasis than the back of a car, with incredible finishes in terms of the woodwork, and a nice 8-inch screen for your younger passengers to play their hearts out on, such as a Tesla created Mario cart game.

The steering wheel. Still haven’t changed my mind. But perhaps this catastrophe could enhance your driving experience, except when you go around a turn.

The exterior. With few tweaks to the bumper, and new wheel designs. Although, the new wheel designs are, in a word, horrible. It also features black accents that replace the chrome, making it a sportier and cleaner design.

The new rim design. If I ever see a car with one of these rim designs on the road, I will purposely crash into it.

All in all, some good changes, and others questionable, we all know that everyone still wants a tesla, and everyone’s still going to buy one.




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Russell Browning

Russell Browning

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